Brandon Barker bebarker at
Thu Nov 8 20:09:54 CET 2001


First I'd like to thank the GiNaC team for the great software.  As a high 
school student taking AP Calculus BC and AP Computer Science AB I find it 
very interesting, and it looks like it will be a lot of fun.  

I've been using Matlab for a few weeks, and, after reading about GiNaC I 
decided it would be interesting to write my first program using GiNaC to 
solve problems with Newton's Law of Cooling.  But then I saw that GiNaC could 
not perform Integration, but I did find it on the ToDo list.  I understand 
that it will be very difficult to implement, but why the urgency rated as 
very low?  I can understand if this is because other things like Polynomial 
Factorization must be implemented first, but not because Integration is not 
valued.  Please tell me if this is the reason urgency for Integration is low, 
because, personally, many of the projects I would write involve integration.

Brandon Barker

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