descriptionGiNaC -- a C++ library for symbolic computations
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last changeSun, 9 Jun 2019 16:40:58 +0000 (18:40 +0200)
GiNaC is a C++ library for symbolic computations. See the INSTALL file for installation instructions.
2019-06-09 Vladimir V... [DOC] Additional examples on number conversions. master
2019-06-09 Vladimir V... [DOC] Suggest ios::binary flag for archiving files.
2019-06-04 Stefan WeinzierlFix slow numerical computation of zeta({7,3}).
2019-06-04 Stefan WeinzierlFix crash computing zeta({7,3}) numerically.
2019-05-03 Richard Kreckel[DOC] Change library order in tutorial example.
2019-04-22 Richard KreckelFinalize 1.7.6 release. release_1-7-6
2019-04-21 Richard KreckelFix bug in mul::series() about asymptotic order term.
2019-04-04 Richard KreckelFix cl_N output of negative fixnums.
2019-03-22 Stefan WeinzierlFix bug in inifcns_nstdsums.cpp...
2019-03-09 Richard KreckelRefactor matrix::determinant_minor() a bit.
2019-03-08 Richard Kreckel[DOC] Fix examples using deprecated lst initializers.
2019-03-07 Richard KreckelRefactor module static helper functions to helper class.
2019-02-17 Richard KreckelConvert YAPTU to Python3.
2019-02-17 Richard KreckelFinalize 1.7.5 release. release_1-7-5
2019-02-16 Richard KreckelFix elusive bug in expairseq ctor.
2019-02-16 Richard KreckelHappy New Year!
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